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Bespoke Feature Lighting for Office & Commercial Fitouts

We take a closer look at a recent custom lighting project with WeWork, involving the design and fabrication of bespoke feature lighting for a number of commercial office fit-outs in Melbourne’s CBD

We have been working closely with the design team of WeWork for several years to produce custom feature lighting for over ten of their Australian office fit-outs. The vast majority of this bespoke feature lighting has been made by the talented Asher Abergel, of Dezion Studio from Marrickville in Sydney’s Inner West.

Below, Asher takes us through three recent Melbourne fit-outs and tells us about working with WeWork to bring their ideas to life.

Steel and LED strip arch lighting.
“Office fit-outs on this scale entail all sorts of challenges. So many minds, eyes and hands are involved in the project, that they demand the highest quality output, smooth delivery and operation … and in a very tight time frame. This arch lighting project became an architectural sculpture, a statement piece, an art installation.”

Arch lighting details.
“Located in the social hub of the building, these arches are designed to create a space within a space. We wanted to create an inviting and attractive space for people to stay, engage and interact within. The archway theme is also echoed elsewhere throughout the fit-out”

Arch lighting details.
“The curved Stainless Steel tubes contain LED strips that fit into a Caesarstone bench top, Terrazzo tables and polished concrete flooring, with different joinery methods required for each. They had to be structurally sound yet gentle, while also able to fit into a lift for delivery and installation. Architects, interior designers, structural engineer, metal fabricator, joiner, electrician were all involved to coordinate the design and installation.”

Booths for quiet or collaborative work featuring half-sphere pendant lights.
“Big arches, flowing radiuses and domes are repeating motives throughout the design, and they reflect and echo each other all around the space. We designed these lights as a part of this concept and fabricated them in 4 different colour combinations.”

 Mushroom desk lights.
“Form follows function takes place in this playful shape desk light, where the mushroom stem reflects the light down and around the work surface.”

Tubular LED pendant lighting for the reception desk.
“The tubular lighting design concept emerged from the wish to illuminate the kitchen area below as well as the tubes, ducts and pipes in the ceiling above. This industrial infrastructure was “muted” down by covering it in white, however it still has an important role in the overall look and feel of the space.”

Linear tubular pendants over kitchen areas.
“To achieve this we designed an LED back-bone which illuminates in 360 degrees, to create a modular system of linear lighting.”

 Globe pendant lighting for meeting booths.
“Opal globes are classics, however we updated the design with a contemporary look and quality hardware to result in a sleek neo-classic design. We used this shape everywhere: pendants in meeting rooms, wall sconces in phone booths and even in the bathroom, it works well in most interiors.

 Wall sconce lighting for bathrooms

 Wall sconce lighting for private telephone booth

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Photography by Michael Gordon Hill at WeWork Australia coworking locations in Melbourne (Collins St, Spencer St and Exhibition St).

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