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custom commercial fitouts

In the past, we’ve showcased Handkrafted makers’ stunning one-offs. This time, we wanted to feature a few of their biggest feats – showing off talented craftspeople who specialise in giving commercial spaces their wow factor.

Not only do Handkrafted makers execute exceptional one-off pieces, many also focus on the creation of spectacular  spaces. We’re talking crazy beautiful custom commercial fit-outs. The type of places you want to frequent. The type of establishments you want to call your own.

Commissioning with Handkrafted has no confines. Your project can be larger than life, and some talented folk will conquer it. This lovely Mad Pizza e Bar refurb in Darlinghurst, for instance, was commissioned on Handkrafted by AZBCreative and constructed by Second Origin.

custom commercial fitout

Mad Pizza e Bar in Darlinghurst. Maker: Second Origin

Skilled Handkrafted maker, Elliot Jones of Telegraph Road, undertook his first-ever commercial project for Australian Technology Park a while back. Elliot emphasised that outfitting commercial spaces differs from completing one-off pieces because of the need to consider commercial application, relate to the existing space, consider DA and compliance issues, as well as client requirements, heavy traffic areas, etc.

For this project, he had to be mindful of incorporating the existing heavy steel industrial look of Australia’s once-largest industrial complex in his creations. The site required there be no permanent fixtures, so Elliot propped each piece on casters for moveability.

Locomotive Tables at Australia Technology Park. Maker: Telegraph Road

With the space being so large – the exhibition hall alone is 6,850 square metres – all of Elliot’s works had to scale up; consequently, a crane truck was needed to deliver each component. (We weren’t joking about that whole larger than life thing.)

“I enjoy collaborating with design professionals, as they understand the construction process right through to the final aesthetic finish,” Elliot remarked. “It adds to the creative process to align with the client’s requirements.”

“You can’t let your imagination run wild in many cases as there are many variables, guidelines and other things to consider,” he continued. “But, it is hugely rewarding none the less.”

Josh Pinkus, who came to Handkrafted with heaps of commercial projects under his belt – with clients like Jack Daniels, Estee Lauder, Louis Vuitton, and Qantas, to name a few – said he does his best work when a designer trusts his know-how and does not govern the overall outcome.

Josh likes to take the reins and collaborate on fit-outs that speak to his rustic, industrial aesthetic and creative sensibility. He has a strong affinity for aged, reclaimed timber with a noteworthy history.

custom commercial fitouts

Josh’s favourite fit-out to date: Lightbulb Lounge Room in Bondi.

“I show designers previous work that I’ve done and say, ‘Look. This is kind of what I do. Are you happy with me making it look really cool for you?’” Josh explained.

It’s partnerships with designers who say ‘yes’ that Josh feels reap the most stunning visual outcomes.

With that said, Josh mentioned his fondness of two shop fitouts dictated by designer Michael Benson of Benson Studio, which coincided with his signature style and resulted in impeccable finished products.

“Every time I do a fit-out working alongside Michael, we always end up with a good result,” Josh commented. “He designs stuff that I would generally build anyway.”

We couldn’t agree more. This stunning interior of Avila Crepes, a French crêpes and wine bar in Bondi, is the product of one such collaboration between Josh and the designer.

custom commercial fitouts

Avila Crêpes in Bondi. Maker: Josh Pinkus

Josh and Elliot both listed budget and time constraints as the two biggest challenges they face. Each of their favourite handcrafted fitout was built upon foundations with flexible budgets, opening them up to vast creative possibilities.

“With commercial fitouts, there’s not a lot of time to get it all done in,” Josh said. “It really pushes you to get a lot of work squeezed out in a very short period of time.”

“The best part is seeing it all come together in a relatively short time,” Elliot exclaimed. “Also, working with a team in the workshop is always fun,” he added.

Melbourne-based Handkrafted maker Like Butter has a workshop team that creates some pretty stellar retail fitouts, like this one for fashion boutique Dagmar Rousset. Not only does it look fantastic. The crew designed and turned this bad boy around in a record three days. That’s right: three.

custom commercial fitouts

Dagmar Rousset in Melbourne. Maker and designer: Like Butter

For all of these talented humans, the work never stops: Josh and Elliot are both full steam ahead on floor-to-ceiling bespoke fitouts we can’t wait to check out.

“I’m really excited to see it all come together,” Elliot remarked about his current project, which is in the building stages.

Meanwhile, Josh has his hands full with a café and bar fit-out.

“The designer’s  into the whole industrial design look that I usually do with recycled timber and steel,” he said. “He’s given me creative license to make it look cool.”

As for us? We look forward to what the future has in store (cue cheesy puns) – and restaurant and you name it – for the Handkrafted makers who specialise in creating masterpieces out of amazing spaces. Who knows… Yours could be next.

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