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Emma’s Rustic Entry Table

Zac Pearton, of ZP Woodworks, delivers the ultimate personalised experience for his clients. The Mornington Peninsula-based maker went to great lengths for Handkrafted client, Emma, to custom create a beautiful entry table from reclaimed pier timber. In this lovely little piece, the two share their story.

When Emma came to Handkrafted seeking “a piece of furniture especially created for her,” little did she know it would lead her to a workshop in Mornington Peninsula, VIC – ZP Woodworks’ workshop to be exact.

Like many Handkrafted customers, Emma could not find what she desired in stores, and wanted a special, unique piece of furniture to become a feature in her home. Not only did Emma end up with a gorgeous piece to brag about, but what she gained from working with bespoke furniture maker, Zac Pearton, exceeded her wildest expectations.

“It started off when I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. Then, it turned into something much bigger. I liked the feeling of knowing that no one has this piece. This is one of a kind and it is mine.”

“After I described my item in the Handkrafted brief, I was surprised to be contacted by 3-4 different designers vying for the opportunity to create my entry table,” Emma recalled. “It happened very quickly and I was amazed at how simple the process was.”

“I didn’t actually know if my budget was realistic or not, and if I could actually afford a bespoke piece of furniture,” she continued, “but, all of the designers gave me honest opinions and were very helpful.”

“Most people think that getting a custom piece of furniture is only for the rich and famous. In reality, it is more affordable than you think, and I love knowing that I supported a small, local business.”

rustic entry tableEmma said that the reason she chose Zac was because he contacted her by phone and described some of the timber he had available to make the piece. “He was passionate and I felt like his attention to detail was spot on,” she added. “He listened to what I was after and gave his own opinions, which lead me to the final design.”

Zac still remembers the early days of Emma’s brief well, in which she included her ideas and a photo of another piece she had liked. “We went to and fro a bit to figure out the timber,” Zac explained. “Emma went through my Instagram and I tagged her in a few things that I thought would be suitable.”

In the end, Emma spotted another table Zac had made on his Instagram feed – a big dining table – and fell in love with that specific timber. Emma was in luck. As it turned out, Zac had more of the 100+ year old timber lying around, which he recycled from Sorrento and Portsea piers.  So, Zac went above and beyond the status quo by inviting Emma into his workshop to check the timber out up-close, in person. To take it one step further, Emma chose the exact boards that would be used for her table. Talk about personal touches!

“It was exciting seeing the timber prior,” Emma said.

“It’s a really fun step that we both enjoy,” Zac echoed. “A lot of people have a different eye for things, so getting the client to come down to the workshop and pick the timber is a really important step. I always love to get them involved when I can, and get them to choose each board that’s going to be a part of their piece.”

Emma affectionately spoke of loving the curves and texture of the timber. “It tells a story without saying a word,” she said. “The finish of the timber, the little nooks that it has… Nearly everyone who walks past it cannot help but touch it.”

Those smooth-to-the-touch nooks and crannies did not come easily, though. Zac said the rustic nature of the wood posed a few challenges for him along the way.  Typically, Zac resin-filled this pier timber; but, Emma emphasised preserving the original texture of the timber, so Zac had to implement different techniques – like using a wire brush to smooth out the crevices –  to get it to the stage where it felt nice to touch.

“The table has exceeded all of my expectations,” Emma emoted. “I never thought it would have nearly as many features as it does. I asked for a recycled timber look, and what I got was a piece with over 100 years of history.”

“There’s nothing else like recycled timbers,” Zac agreed. “They’re their own piece of history and tell their own story.”

Together, with the help of Handkrafted, Emma and Zac breathed new life into these aged timbers, to create a story neither of them will forget.

“Zac was so excited and invested in my little project,” Emma praised. “My little entry table is very special to me, and Zac definitely made the whole experience special. It felt like I was his only customer!”

“I can’t speak highly enough about Handkrafted,” Zac concluded. “The jobs that come through are quality jobs. I’m really happy I’m a part of it all.”

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