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WilderCoyle’s House of Cupboards

Taking out awards for Best Use of Certified Timber and Best Small Budget Project at the 2014 Australian Timber Design Awards, WilderCoyle’s ‘House of Cupboards’ is an undeniable masterpiece of sustainable, innovative and beautiful craftsmanship.

When architect Sunny Wilder and furniture maker Nicholas Coyle traded in the bustle of Melbourne for serene Pambula, NSW, they were aiming to immerse themselves in what they love; Australian native hardwoods. So immersed in fact that they built their whole house from it. The ‘House of Cupboards’ is entirely sustainable, bushfire resistant and was manufactured in the WilderCoyle workshop and then assembled onsite. Most interestingly is that the abundance of storage, cupboards and shelving actually acts as a load bearing part of the home’s structure.

Take a look at these images of their ‘House of Cupboards’ and WilderCoyle’s Handkrafted profile.

image 3 ATDA2014-429

 “We moved here from Melbourne to follow our dream of building a ‘House of Cupboards’. We wanted to be closer to nature and supplies of beautiful native hardwoods as well as see if we could make a difference by using Australian timbers for furniture rather than see our native forests be used mainly for woodchips & paper.”



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