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Colombian Connection Coffee Cart

Colombian Connection Coffee’s owner, Diana, sought a Sydney-based woodworker to create a custom coffee cart for the local markets. Niall Little, of Erne Carpentry Co., came to her rescue. Get the full story here…

Sometimes Handkrafted projects start with a brief, and end with a celebratory cup of coffee. At least that’s what happened when Niall Little, of Erne Carpentry Co., created a custom-made coffee cart for client Colombian Connection Coffee to use in their stalls at Sydney’s local markets.

Niall originally came across Handkrafted while researching local makers in Sydney. Although he’d been working happily in the industry for some years, he had reached the stage where he really wanted to focus on the creative side of things and work more one-on-one with clients on bespoke projects. He said the few months since he’s registered with Handkrafted have been really encouraging, and he appreciates the ongoing support our platform offers.

“Handkrafted offered a great platform to do just this: bringing makers and clients together, and creating an authentic community feel,” Niall said.Colombian Connection Coffee CartOriginally from Colombia, Diana similarly found the Handkrafted website Googling carpenters and woodworkers in Sydney.

“I personally loved the idea of the website – especially for someone who needs to do the job of finding a proper person from scratch – as I am from overseas,” Diana commented.

She submitted a very detailed project brief of exactly what she was looking for in the coffee stand, including a sketch with her company logo.

“The brief was a plus,” Diana remarked. “I really like the idea of giving all the specifications that I considered relevant in order to get an accurate quote, and most important, makers who somehow connect with the project, as they were the ones contacting me.”

“The commission process is very straightforward and does a great job of matching like-minded people together,” Niall echoed.

“What I liked most was that I didn’t only have one option, but a couple of options,” Diana said. “I had a few quotes from different makers with different styles, but I finally decided to go with Niall because his style of work met our brief.”

Niall describes his aesthetic as simple with interesting details, and not a fan of overcomplicated designs.

“One of the best things about working with wood is that sometimes it’s simply enough to let it speak for itself,” he explained.

When Diana’s project came through, Niall had a quick chat with her over email before meeting in-person the following week to discuss the brief and look at some options.

“One of the main design considerations was that the cart had to be solid and strong enough to support a weighty coffee machine without impacting the ease of mobility on its weekly trips to the weekend markets,” Niall recalled.

The Colombian Connection also has a clear brand identity. So, after looking at some ideas together, Diana and Niall came quickly to a design solution and began construction. Soon after the two caught up to assess their progress – to ensure they were happy and on the same track – the project was finished and ready for delivery.

“The coffee cart is essentially a functional piece, but a few simple details came together to make it beautiful,” Niall extolled. Diana remarked that collaborating with Niall was excellent. She said she had ‘no complaints at all’ and is ‘very happy’.

“After looking at the results, I must say that we were a really good team,” she observed. “Niall gave us his feedback from his experience on things we could do better in terms of building the trolley, and worked out aspects in order to achieve our expectations.”Niall Little's Coffee CartColombian Connection Coffee’s previous stall did not clearly advertise the products they had on offer. Diana said that with the introduction of Niall’s coffee cart, she was relieved to not have any more people ask if the stall sold coffee.

“Our customers were happy to see how we’ve materialised our dream of a proper coffee stall,” Diana relayed. “Before, they gave us feedback on things we could improve. But, that [first] day was full of compliments.”

“Hearing our customer’s positive reactions, and not having any people ask if we make cappuccinos was very rewarding.”

And even Niall Little received a little reward of his own, other than the satisfaction of a beautiful finished product.

“The best part was popping down to the Ramsgate Markets for the launch, and a great coffee with the Colombian Connection crew!” he exclaimed.

Here’s to many more happy Handkrafted customers, makers, and celebratory cups of coffee in the future…Colombian Connection Coffee Cart

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