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Sam’s Oak Coffee Table

oak coffee table

The story behind the sleek, oak coffee table that Jason Stancombe, of Relm Furniture, custom created for client, Sam – the first of two successful collaborations (so far) for these guys.

Jason, of Relm Furniture, and client Sam had such an effortless first run with this stunning oak coffee table, they decided to do it all over again soon after with a dining table to match.

“I’ve always liked bespoke things,” Sam remarked about what drew him to Handkrafted. “The ability to specify exactly what you were looking for was very attractive.”

For his coffee table, Sam specifically desired a maker who specialised in oak. After perusing our selection of passionate makers, Sam took a liking to Jason’s work.

“Sam was attracted to my style because of the exposed joinery and the handcrafted nature of it,” Jason commented. “He really wanted to integrate some of that into his piece. It started out as a fairly rudimentary coffee table, but we incorporated a fair bit of exposed joinery.”oak coffee table

“I had a material in mind, but I didn’t have a specific design in mind,” Sam recalled. “I needed a furniture maker to help give me some inspiration.”

Cue Jason Stancombe, who saw the project as a good opportunity to incorporate details he enjoys and appeal to a client who wanted the same. One of the benefits of Handkrafted is our ability to curate matches with overlapping desires, like these guys.

“Handkrafted works well in the sense that it gives you an introduction to a broad range of people,” Jason said. “The initial groundwork of chasing each other isn’t necessarily there. It’s beneficial for both the customer and for me to have a few options put forward.”

“Handkrafted works really well in that sense for my business, and puts me in front of a range of different people,” he continued. “It’s kind of an introductory agency and it’s beneficial for both parties to be involved in.”oak coffee tableNot only does Handkrafted foster connections between clients and talented craftspeople. It often also paves the way for return customers to collaborate with makers on future commissions.

…and that’s exactly what happened with these two. Sam loved the final outcome of his coffee table to the extent that he hired Jason to construct a dining table to match. His old dining table shared a room with the new addition, and looked quite heavy juxtaposed with the oak coffee table. So, Sam reached out to Jason soon after to commission a dining table with a similar aesthetic appeal.

“I went straight back to him,” Sam reiterated. “I didn’t really think about using someone else.”

“Some people are inspired to do something together again down the track. Sam was one of those people,” Jason echoed. “It does happen and it’s encouraging when it does.”oak coffee tableThe dining table is still in the works, but Sam said he looks forward to owning another custom made piece.

“You get a higher level of design, an individual piece of high quality, and the ability to customise something to exactly fit the space in your house,” Sam explained. “I think it’s really good value to be honest.”

Sam praised Handkrafted for showcasing hundreds of Australian makers with varying specialisations.

“I don’t know how I would have found someone without it,” he said. “I wouldn’t know how to go about it. I think the website gives you a certain confidence.”

“To be held in esteem with other makers makes me part of that movement, which is kind of cool,” Jason commended. “Looking forward, I hope that Handkrafted is still putting me out for projects and all the rest of it. The relationship works well from my end.”

“I really enjoyed my experience,” Sam concluded.oak coffee table

About Handkrafted:

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