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Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel | Handcrafted Wine Rack

Handkrafted x Jacob's Creek Double Barrel from Handkrafted on Vimeo.

A behind-the-scenes peek at our exciting collaboration with Jacob’s Creek to promote their Double Barrel series. The experts behind Australia’s largest wine brand team up with one of our makers to create a handcrafted wine rack (from reclaimed barrels used in the wine making process, no less).

What do timber, whisky, and red wine have in common? They all grow better with age.

…and we reckon that’s why the wine experts behind Jacob’s Creek approached us for their new Double Barrel campaign. With over 160 years of wine making under their belt, the people behind Australia’s largest wine brand echo Handkrafted’s desire to create a unique experience that our customers cherish for the ages.

So, when they came to us wanting to connect with a maker to create a bespoke piece reminiscent of the unique way the wine is crafted and aged, we couldn’t turn down the offer. Avid appreciators of reclaimed timber and sustainably made products ourselves, we gravitated towards the innovative concept behind Double Barrel, with wines finished in old whisky barrels that would have otherwise been discarded.

Ian Monty, a Handkrafted maker who works out of the stunning Splinter Workshop cooperative in St Peters, perfectly fit the bill. The space used to house a Taubmans Paint factory several years ago, and now serves as the home to many creative businesses including Ian’s. In cahoots with this coming of age tale, the workshop provided a sentimental backdrop for a story promoting a new twist on the old.

While Ian worked, an incredible fragrance and deep burgundy colour filled the room. The footage captured during the process beautifully illustrates the craftsmanship and precision required in creating a one-off bespoke piece. Ian’s skill stands out against the finished product’s simple design. And of course, as with all of our makers’ creations, the Double Barrel wine rack was imbued with passion and sentiment.

Utilising the timber from reclaimed wine barrels, Ian crafted a lovely wine rack and breathed new life into wood that would’ve otherwise ended up in the bin. Salvaged materials like these receive extensive praise and use by our makers.  Unlike the wood of freshly cut trees, reclaimed timbers bring with them the sentimental value of their past lives. Not to mention, it’s a sustainable alternative!

Handkrafted joins clients’ unique visions with makers’ innovative approaches to create products with a difference. We believe in the process of working directly with a maker to create authentic pieces to last a lifetime (at least). Our makers utilise various materials and specialise in different areas to produce quality goods for the clients we connect them with.

People come to us to embark on an unforgettable journey with a craftsperson, and take part in producing a sentimental item they’ll cherish for years to come. We’re thrilled to have embarked on this journey with Ian Monty and Jacob’s Creek, who both took an extra step in putting the perfect finishing touches on the Double Barrel series.

About Handkrafted:

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