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Rebecca & Matt’s Platform Bed

With a house move in their sights, Rebecca and Matthew set out to find an oriental style bed to complete their new space. Nothing in stores tickled their fancy, they discovered our website and voila; a commission with the fiercely talented Cameron Hird was born. James touched base with both parties to uncover their success story.

Cameron Hird is the owner and operator of makimaki furniture works in Brisbane. Like many makers, his journey began by trading in his prior job for a fresh set of work boots in the pursuit of something a bit more tactile and personally rewarding.  ‘I had a career in advertising, grew weary of that, threw caution to the wind and jumped into the furniture world. What was once a hobby progressed to the point that it was an avenue I could go down and several years in, I couldn’t be happier,’ he shared.

The makimaki aesthetic incorporates clean lines and symmetrical shapes with a strong sense of originality. ‘We create deluxe, contemporary, indoor and outdoor furniture. Statement pieces using a mixture of materials to compliment the surrounding architecture. Timber features heavily because it’s such a unique product that plays on all the senses, however we try to experiment as much as we can,’ Cameron continued.

Take the Gossamer Stool, for example, a wildly popular collaboration with Australian designer, Bianca Batstone of Ruby Phyllis. An elegant and feminine number constructed from vintage fabrics and metallic thread on a New Guinea Rosewood frame.

Stool 2

‘Whether it’s a tricky space or an unusual function, I’m always up for the challenge.  My customers have an appreciation for quality, so I’m rarely asked to knock up something quick and cheap.’

This is the furniture philosophy that appealed to Queensland couple, Rebecca and Matthew Miller, when they commissioned their bed late last year.

‘We’d decided to move homes and with that came the desire to find some nice things to fill it. We hadn’t had a proper bed for a long time because we were waiting to find the perfect one,’ Rebecca recalled. ‘We wanted a Japanese style bed, so I ended up researching online to see what the procedure would be to get one custom made. Handkrafted turned out to be the answer and it was a really rewarding experience.’

‘We were very meticulous with things and when Fred put us in touch with some possible makers we were instantly attracted to makimaki,’ Matthew chipped in. ‘Cam made us feel comfortable from the get go. He asked lots of questions, sent us samples and allowed us to progress in our own time. There was a little back and forth discussion before things really took off and he whipped it up pretty quickly after that,’ he went on.

‘The final product is better than we’d ever hoped for. It’s truly special, a talking point in our new home and we can’t take our eyes off it.’


One of the beauties of buying bespoke is that things are built to suit your taste and ergonomics. This is a responsibility Cameron does not take lightly. ‘A customer is taking a massive leap of faith when they ask you to commission something. They trust you to create a prized possession that they can cherish for years, so I like to be as thorough as I can to make sure we see eye to eye,’ he explained.

‘As a customer you can be as specific as you like and that is what’s so great about Handkrafted. They offer something completely tailor made.’

‘At makimaki we offer a 3D design service, providing physical material samples and modelling the space in which the piece will sit to give the client an idea of how it compliments the surrounding decor. Visualisation and open discussion are essential and Rebecca and Matt were no exception,’ Cameron insisted. ‘They loved one of the platform beds I’d previously made, but wanted bedside tables attached and more of an oriental feel.’

Bed 2

And what a beauty it is! Profound, sturdy and seamlessly finished in all it’s glory. The timber? A dark matte Cambia Ash that’s prepared in a kiln. The timber goes in a creamy pale colour and comes out a delectable chocolate brown after thermal modification.

‘Now that we’ve been living in the house for a few months, we really appreciate the bed,’ Rebecca remarked. ‘You just can’t buy that sort of thing in a store. When you think about the amount of work that went into it, the price we paid was very reasonable. You’re spoilt for choice amongst Handkrafted’s connections and we couldn’t speak more highly of their service.’

Instagram: @makimakifurniture.

Commissioning a piece of furniture through Handkrafted is a unique and fulfilling shopping experience. Support local makers and kickstart your own project today.


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